You know I particularly like Lady Gaga, not because I’m a fan of dance music (which is something I that I forget because I see her out of context more than I listen to her music) but because she is in control of her image. I also like the route that Erykah Badu has taken in making sure that none of her songs leaked by anyone but herself so she can maximize her creative control as well as her monetary gains (do you know that she has never had a manager - INSPIRING!).

I must admit that my journey in photography has at times been like feeling around in the dark trying to find my way. At times it works and sometimes things fall flat, but I’m working and I’m trying. For better or worse it all brings me to this point in my life. I love shooting and sharing my work, but I don’t like finding out that images that I have taken have made their way into publications (some big, other’s indie) without my knowledge or permission. I even have seen images that I have taken for agencies out there and have never received a check for it. To paraphrase Erykah, “damn, can a bitch eat?”

I know there is a solution for this, part of it is that I have to put my big girl panties on and really mind my business. The other part is that I will be switching over to a different format while I wait for the formation of my new website that will debut this summer. I appreciate the love and will keep everyone posted but as of right now this blog will be shut down March 20th, this Saturday. Please feel free to stop by the blog and leave your comments and most importantly leave your email (you can either email me or enter the info in on fanbridge).

Catch yall on the flip flop!
Peace and Love,

Brandi Pettijohn

I believe I heard that Doc the Artist on Dawud Anyabwile will be playing at the Opening Reception of the Brotherman III artshow at the Auburn Research Library this Saturday.

Also check my homegirl Sheba's Rough Lauguage crew event on Saturday at 595 North Avenue Poetry Slam and Performances by Eva Kennedy and Phillipia.

If you are in the D.C. area please check my work out at Art Beats & Lyrics. It's an amazing event, free booze (but really look at the art work and enjoy it...there's some incredible pieces in there) and dope music. HAVE FUN YALLL!

Here's the last photo I took for Maurice Thompson (shout out to paying clients!!!), he wanted a headshot and I really like the way this one came out.


the adventures of superwoman said...

wow! feeling you though. and it's not always as simple as a watermark, as others often think. i have struggled with this, especially as of late. i must say that the artists themselves are always protective and considerate...however publications can be a beast. so until you reformat...we will follow you however we can. love you and your work.


adachi said...

{forward focus/ fruition forever}

look forward to seeing whats grows out of your lessons and taking note myself. much love sis.

Keir Chapple said...

Wow that sucks, but I understand. I just started following you and look forward to your new format.


I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blogspot. Great stuff.

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